Stress Rescue with Margo , Thursday, January 9th

Event starts in event finished - on January 9th, 2020 06:30pm

  Margo Presley-Drucker, BCH, RMT

Learn Self-Hypnosis and Self-Directed Neuroplasticity to Neutralize Stress and Rewire Your Brain

The Ventura County Professional Women’s Network (VCPWN) invites you to start the year spending an evening relieving stress and anxiety, and learning from our own Margo Presley-Drucker. With the holidays behind us, we may find that we overspent or overate, and now we’ve imposed ambitious resolutions on ourselves. Time for a positive new year boost.

Margo will help attendees experience stress reduction, using three to four strategies they can take away and use on their own. By demystifying hypnosis and teaching essential stress reduction techniques, Margo will help us neutralize stress and rewire the brain.

Margo Presley-Drucker is an accomplished Integrative Life Coach; a Certified and Integrative Hypnotist, Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, NLP Specialist, EFT Practitioner, and TAT Practitioner.

Please join us as we start 2020 off with strategies to help us feel better now.