VCPWN Navigators

VCPWN Navigators are those who have sailed the unchartered waters of networking and have helped chart the course of a unique organization. The navigator is the one who charts the course and assists the skipper of the ship, rather than making the ultimate decision. Members for 15 continuous years are inducted as Navigators and remain such as long as they are members in good standing.

The Navigator mission statement: To keep VCPWN’s original vision alive; to be a resource for all members; to assist in the development of board members (when asked); and (very importantly) to have fun. Current VCPWN Navigators are:

  • Merle DiVita
  • Gale Wergeland
  • Mary Ann Zinn
  • Charlotte Werner Gesling
  • Priscilla Partridge de Garcia
  • Carol Leish
  • Linda McCarthy
  • Shirley Lorraine

VCPWN Navigators are available for advice when asked and will gladly assist wherever needed.