Spirit of Networking Award in May

The highest award given by VCPWN is the Spirit of Networking Award. It is one of our longest running traditions, beginning in 1984-85 and honors the person who best exemplifies the standard of networking. This is a person who readily helps others in VCPWN and in other groups. Someone who frequently participates in ways that benefit other members and the communities she or he is associated with, and who exemplifies the mission of the Ventura County Professional Women’s Network. The award takes place at our May meeting.

Members who have received the award in the last five years are not eligible to receive it again.

Here are all our special recipients:

Year                    Winner

2017-2018         Sue Osborn

2016-2017         Angela Minutillo

2015-2016         Suz-Anne Shoblom

2014-2015         Jim Nicoll

2013-2014         Micki Rickard

2012-2013         Sue Osborn

2011-2012         Darian Taylor

2010-2011         Rita Frayer

2009-2010         Sheila Lowe

2008-2009         Laura Parsons

2007-2008         Carol Powell

2006-2007         Mary Gabriels

2005-2006         Maura Raffensperger

2004-2005         Shirley Lorraine

2003-2004         Mary Ann Zinn

2002-2003         Leilani Machado-Costello

2001-2002         Debbie Steele

2000-2001         Norma Zuber

1999-2000         Arlene Goldberg

1998-1999         Yvonne Ontiveros

1997-1998         Carol Leish

1996-1997         Linda Locke

1995-1996         Michele Pederson

1994-1995         Bonnie Warrington

1993-1994         Charlotte Werner-Gesling

1992-1993         Archina Scott-Roddick

1991-1992         Sally J. FitzGerald

1990-1991         Sue Gary

1989-1990         Nancy Gregg

1988-1989         Nancy Maxwell

1987-1988         Diane Koranda and May Lee Berry

1986-1987         Gwenlyn Hutchison-Norton

1985-1986         Merle DiVita

1984-1985         Kitty Dill