On March 14th, VCPWN Takes Our Vision For Women Global

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Caleigh Hernandez is the founder and CEO of RoHo, a socially conscious accessories brand that works with more than 400 artisans in Kenya.

"Roho" in Swahili means spirit and kindness.

It all started when Caleigh fell in love with a pair of beautiful beaded leather sandals in a craft market in Uganda. Struck by their uniqueness, she began her quest to find the source, which led her to Kenya and ultimately, a vision for RoHo.

In the course of her journey to creating RoHo, Caleigh discovered that poverty can be the result of a lack of opportunity and that consumers have the ability to create change.  Once Caleigh was able to put stories and faces to the products, she was able to put her passion into action: do something meaningful in her business and create connections between RoHo's artisans and consumers. She and her company are committed to creating opportunities for customers to buy beautiful, quality and ethically made products that have the ability to empower people across the world.

Caleigh will tell us about the importance of story, of standing up for what you believe in, and of being versatile and adaptable, all while delivering beautiful products with the potential to help break the cycle of poverty, primarily for women.  This is business with spirit and kindness!

We hope you will join us to hear from this woman of vision.