New Board Induction and Speaker Catherine Cooley

Event starts in event finished - on June 15th, 2018 07:30am

SPEAKER:  Catherine Cooley, mediator and communication/relationship coach;  aims to change the way you approach conflict forever by showing you the underlying core of every human conflict, and how to come back to love and peace of mind today—in four simple steps.

Acquire your set of keys to the kingdom of conversation mastery, at work and at home - Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests.

Catherine works with families who are feeling frustrated with endless power struggles and arguments that just create anger and don’t resolve anything. She helps parents raise confident kids with advanced conversation skills and brings families to greater clarity, respect and cooperation. She specializes in helping couples and mothers and daughters, and also serves as a mediator for Conflict Solutions Center and as a trainer for Alternative To Violence Project in community and prison workshops.

SPONSOR:  As both a mother and an attorney, Ventura Native Crista Hermance, understands the unique legal needs of families. I know that all parents, regardless of their net worth, need comprehensive estate planning to ensure their wishes are followed and their families are protected. I really enjoyed helping families with their estate planning and decided to start my own practice where I could focus solely on estate planning and ensuring that young families know how to protect their family. I find great personal and professional satisfaction in helping parents create estate plans that provide them with that peace of mind.