Welcome to Our New Website!


Our new website has launched! There are items that are still in progress, but the new look and structure are established and we're working with our website developer to get everything finished.

Not only does vcpwn.org have a new look and feel, there are some operational changes as well. First and foremost, everyone who registers for our dinner meeting online will now become a “customer” of VCPWN. You will be required to register in order to purchase dinner. But, like many other websites, you can do it all yourself. You’ll be required to provide your first name, last name, and your email address - your company name is optional, but if you give this to us, we’ll have it on the “hotsheet” whenever you register early. You will create your own password, so make it something you’ll remember for next time!

This month, our speaker is the wonderful Martha Jaffe. You can see the announcement on the homepage, or go to Dinner Meeting under the Events Menu to see it, or if you just know you want to come to our meeting, click on the REGISTER NOW button always in the header. All purchases go through PayPal. If you have any difficulty, please send me an email: President@vcpwn.org. I hope we’ll see you all this month!

- Pres Sue