Wind Beneath My Wings Award

In 1985, we began what has now become the Wind Beneath My Wings Award. The precursor to the "Wind" award was the “Male Humanitarian Award” presented in 1985, when we honored two outstanding men in our community. The next related theme, "Man Behind the Woman Award," was awarded in 1989 to members Nancy Gregg and Shari Rock, who both praised their respective husbands.

"Wind Beneath My Wings" first appeared as a phrase in Focal Points, the network’s newsletter, when we honored our entire 1990-1991 Board of Directors.

In 1994 Wind Beneath My Wings was established as an annual award to honor a VCPWN member and a significant person in her life who had inspired, supported, or motivated her in her life and/or career.  This award takes place at the September meeting.

All VCPWN members are invited to submit an essay about a person who has helped you achieve one of your goals or who has been a motivating and supporting factor in your life. Male members are welcome to participate. Nominations begin in July.

Essays should be submitted to VCPWN’s Immediate Past President. For more information, please talk to our Immediate Past President, or email